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Impressions and thoughts about a lunch date with Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek

August 21, 2011

On July 2 I met a very pleasant Julian Assange full of wit as well as a lively and charming Slavoj Zizek. As special and lovely this day was it could not ease my anxiety about the future of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

His devotion to the idea of confronting the world with the mirror of truth, with all the harsh personal consequences, is admirable.
As noble as this goal might be, we should never loose sight of the individual human being. Every life is valuable and worth to be protected.

But we all are caught in the Zeitgeist and affected by mechanisms that force on us a sort of perpetual crisis which undermines our autonomy and in dealing with it makes us blind for the really important objectives of life. More is at stake than only turning problems in our comfortable rooms.

We accept to be governed by a mere scenery of politics. Also the strong and powerful fall victim to its pitfalls with their strategy of betrayal on themselves and on us in order to shackle us in a texture of fear and self-deception.

It almost seems the world would destroy us in order for us to destroy her. But not even the deepest pain could change this although our longing for humanity is inherent in our existence.
In spite of this our helplessness alienates us from history. Most of the people remain in a state of silent hope. Some are led to total self-sacrifice, which ends intellectually in eternal paradise.

In comparing our greatness with the greatness of our perceived enemies we paint the world in the colours of violence who’s ghosts haunt us from generation to generation. Even if our destiny plays tricks with us, we are not meant to carve out a miserable existence.

Our thoughts and deeds are only meaningful if we find the courage against all odds to go beyond the logic of war and violence, even if we are burnt by it.

Those who are willing to take the risk of investing their life to reveal the structures of power and brutality and to give this bleeding wound a face in order to make healing possible are the true optimists. The true cynics are those who want to make us belief in the necessity of war to keep the peace or who want to decree the consumption of media entertainment.

For Julian Assange it may be a curse or/and a blessing that he reached a position where he is heard.

Once again in other words.

On the 2nd of July I met a charming and thoughtful Julian Assange and a very funny and intelligent Slavoj Zizek.
As much as I enjoyed this day I started to worry about the future of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.
The impact of his devotion to the truth, even if he is threatened with personal consequences, is admirable.

We must never forget the importance of every single human being.
Its uniqueness is worth fighting for.
Even if we find ourselves overruled by mechanisms of Zeitgeist we have to fight for our autonomy that can unveil our temporary blindness for what really matters, the essence of humanity.

There is more to do then to contemplate our problems in secrecy.
Politics try to threaten us with their means of power and deception and it is easy to feel overpowered by it and to give in.
A feeling of helplessness surrounds us and leads either to an uncontrolled act of violence or to self sacrifice.

There is more in our lives than just to live it, live it by the rules of politics.
We must force our thoughts and our will to break through the patterns of war, violence and injustice.

The ones who lead us to the path of civil disobedience, without fearing repercussions by the law, are the real true optimists.
Those who entertain us with meaningless media products are cynics as well as all who make us belief that peace is only possible if we fight wars to protect our globalized standarts.

Julian Assange is a truthful optimist, giving people hope, clarity and perspective within the jungle of globalized powers and fears.

Therefore I would really like to support his work with all my power and skills.

I wish Julian Assange and his entire team at WikiLeaks strenght, preserverance and luck.